Interpreting Pathology for Practitioners

The most comprehensive coverage of this topic
so any condition you see in clinic you can feel confident
in ordering a test and explaining the results to your clients.

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pathology for praccies

About the Course

This course can save you and your client time and money by understanding which test will give you the essential health information that you need.

There are plenty of examples of easy to understand explanations so that you have no trouble communicating to your clients and create confidence in your protocols.

Following this course will lead to smoother consultations by effectively and efficiently covering the essential pieces of the puzzle.

It incorporates evidence based testing into your clinical practice with ease with access to all new additions to the course as they become available, new diagrams, video’s and updates.

This Interpreting Pathology has been created by a practitioner in clinical practice, for practitioners in clinical practice… not some complicated theory from a text book!


Interpreting Pathology eCourse Includes

  • 8 Video Recordings on Interpreting Pathology
  • General Pathology
  • Functional Pathology
  • Case Studies
  • Easy explanations with matching diagrams
  • References for further information
  • Pictures to explain to clients
  • Over 6 hours of content

A highly practical course made by a health practitioner for health practitioners

Tammy Guest Mentor

This course has been lovingly curated and created by me, Tammy Guest, to assist my fellow practitioners in confidently interpreting pathology results for their clients. 

As a Naturopath with a serious passion for science and lab work, I was naturally drawn to testing and interpreting results. I found it fun! But I realise that's not the case for every practitioner, so if that's you, this course is definitely for you. 

Why learn from me?
I'm a qualified Naturopath as well as Business Performance Consultant, Life Coach, Mum, Step-Mum, Helicopter pilot. In my career as a practitioner I ran and sold a successful multi-modality clinic where I helped over 7000 clients in restoring their health.

Since then, I've founded the Natupreneur movement, created the wonderful Natupreneur Hub on Facebook, created and hosted the Natupreneur Experience and industry X-Factor Awards, and host of the Natupreneur Movement Podcast; all of which are designed to help practitioners with growing their business and fulfilling their dreams.

This course is one part of how I'm helping praccies like you to grow your business confidently and with ease. 



Interpreting Pathology for Practitioners

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