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Hello my fellow practitioner. 

Come take a scroll with me to have a look around my Natupreneur Library... an online hub brimming with game-changing content that is going to help you on your Natupreneur journey.

Each piece of content has been purposefully designed and developed specifically with you in mind; a magical mix of resources to give you exactly what you need to set yourself up to successfully work from anywhere in a way that aligns with you, as a true Natupreneur.

Whether you are a student, new in practice or have been in practice for a long time and want to update your know-how with online practice, online marketing and creating a business that serves you, not the other way around.... The Natupreneur Library has the training and resources for you to nail your current goals and push yourself to the next level.

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When you invest in an All Access Pass to my Natupreneur Library, you’re going to get instant access to ALL of my Courses, Trainings, Recordings, Guides, Cheat Sheets, Meditations, and Presentations that were created specifically to guide Natupreneurs on their business journey.

Ready to Move Past Your Limitations and Start Building an Amazing Business AND a Life of Freedom?

Yes, of course you are!

And this library of premium resources is going to help you get there sooner. 

 Your all access library pass gives you instant and lifetime access to:


My collection of premium eCourses designed to help you move towards a digitised practice, market and grow your practice with ease and clarity.


My most practical and useful resources to help you find new clients, feel confident in your practice, map your growth plan and identify your ideal client.


Enjoy a series of masterclasses that will teach you how to master your mindset, create leverage in your business, and much more!


PLUS access to 80+ replays of the masterclasses, workshops, and keynote presentations from all previous transformational Natupreneur Experience events.

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Inside the Natupreneur Library


The Natupreneur Journey eCourse  (valued at $997)


Begin your journey with an exploration into:

  • Your journey as a natupreneur
  • Money, Marketing, Messaging and Mindset
  • Your success plan and goal setting
  • Finding your value and uniqueness
  • Managing the bumps in the road
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Natupreneur 101 eCourse  (valued at $497)


A self-study eCourse with Business and Marketing basics for practitioners looking to start and grow their practice. Modules include:

  • Core (Mindset)
  • Create (Business Basics - Ideal Client, Biz Structure, Offerings)
  • Collect (Money - Pricing, Blocks, Getting Paid)
  • Connect (Marketing - brand values, social media, connect & collab)
  • Communicate (Marketing - elevator pitch, stories, online presence)
  • Celebrate (Acknowledging, review, renew)
digitise your practice

Digitise Your Practice eCourse  (valued at $550)


Move from offline to online one step at a time.

Navigating our way through the difficult times of the Covid-19 health crisis has certainly been a challenge. The sudden need to conduct business and clinical consultations remotely can be daunting and overwhelming and, for many, it all seems just too difficult.

Our profession as we know it, has shifted and changed. The old way of doing business is no longer working for our modern lifestyles. We need to transition to a better way of working. This ecourse shows you the way.

This courses teaches you best practice for online consultations, attracting clients to your online business, overcoming obstacles to getting your business online, and other ways to make income online as a practitioner.

It also teaches you the mindset, the structure and the skills you need to become an online practitioner.

pathology for praccies

Interpreting Pathology for Practitioners eCourse  (valued at $297)


A self-study eCourse on general and functional pathology so that you can feel confident analysing patient results in your practice.

The most comprehensive coverage of this topic so any condition you see in-clinic you can confidently order a test and explain the results to your clients.

DIY Ecourse with Tammy Guest

How to Create and Launch Your Own eCourse  (valued at $297)


Learn how to create and launch an eCourse with the step-by-step process to share your expertise and make money while you sleep!

You’ll get instant access to 8 training modules and a workbook that guides you from planning your course or program, creating it, and launching it!

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How to Create a Freedom-Based Business  (valued at $197)


Learn the actionable steps to creating a business you can work from wherever, including:

  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Power of programs and packages
  • Diversifying your income
  • Making it Happen!

Mindset Meditations for Practitioners  (valued at $55)

A collection of meditations to:

  • Improve your mindset
  • Give you space for clarity
  • Open your mind to new possibilities

Enjoy the audios online or download to your device for easy listening any time you need them.


Scavenger Hunt - Business Setup Course 

A week long program that gives you daily advice and activities to find, setup and refine aspects of your business and streamline your operations and improve your business performance.

Get your basics sorted so that you can start and scale your practice with ease. 

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Practical Resources to Support Your Journey

Feel confident with my most practical and step-by-step resources to help you get the results you’re aiming for when you digitise your practice.

50 Ways To Find New Clients Guide

A guide that outlines 50 unique and practical ways to find new clients when you feel stuck or stressed. These are tried and tested techniques and when you know them you’ll feel much better about trying to find new clients.

Interpreting Pathology Cheatsheet

Feel confident in using general and functional pathology in your practice with this cheatsheet. It’s the perfect complement to the Interpreting Pathology eCourse and it’s yours when you invest in the Natupreneur Library.

Business Setup & Consultation Guides 

Downloadable guides and checklists to assist you with setting up your practice, running successful consults, mapping your business goals, identifying your ideal clients, mastering your money, and mindset prints for your wall!


85+ Masterclass, Workshop, and Keynote Presentation Audio Replays

Get the benefit and insight into all the amazing talent that has ever spoken at all 3 of our hugely successful and transformational Natupreneur Experience events.

"The most inspiring and eye opening experience I've had the privilege to be a part of."

"The most phenomenal conference ever attended. I had so many business and personal shifts in such a short space of time."

“The most thought provoking, inspirational and transformational event promoting diversity, inclusiveness and connection. Love love loved it.”

NATEX 2019

Connection, Collaboration & Innovation

Highlights included: a thorough practitioner panel session and talks from 8 unrivalled and experienced practitioners all sharing their wisdom to help you master your practice.

NATEX 2020

Love Your Work, Love Yourself, Love Your Life

Outstanding voices and exceptional talent that covered a range of topics including presentations from industry representatives, practitioner skill building and success stories, business development, marketing, and self-care and mindset.

NATEX 2021

Unity In Diversity

Our most recent and most forward-thinking event which showcased thought leaders sharing their insights into self care and mindset, marketing, business development, practitioner skills, and unity in diversity.

The Natupreneur Library is like no other.

There is no other collection of amazing and purposeful resources designed specifically to help practitioners and Natupreneurs on their journey to building and digitising the practice of their dreams.

The Natupreneur Library resources give you the business, marketing and mindset training you need to thrive as a practitioner in today's modern online world without burning out!

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Every Natupreneur Library Pass Includes Instant Access To:

The Natupreneur Journey eCourse (valued at $997)

Natupreneur 101 eCourse (valued at $497)

Digitise Your Practice eCourse (valued at $550)

How to Create & Launch your own eCourse (valued at $297)

Interpreting Pathology for Practitioners eCourse (valued at $297)

How to create a Freedom-Based Business training recordings (valued at $197)

Mindset Meditations for Practitioners (valued at $55)

50 Ways To Find New Clients Guide (valued at $29)

Interpreting Pathology Cheatsheet (valued at $49)

Scavenger Hunt - Business Setup Course

PLUS 85+ powerful keynote presentations from

NatEx2019 (valued at $297)

NatEx2020 (valued at $297)

NatEx2021 (valued at $297)

Total Value: $3859

 You can get access to it all right now for only $990! 



 This is the business training you wanted since graduating! 

These trainings and resources have...

Launched hundreds of successful Practitioners, mentoring careers, multi disciplinary clinics, online clinics, health programs, memberships, retreats, websites and automated marketing.

Generated numerous 5-figure launches of e-courses and programs, built in a matter of days from taking action on just one of the trainings in this bundle.

Helped so many practitioners turn their knowledge and resources into passive income streams.


Trainings and resource in this library have also seen those same practitioners:

  • fund and experience the holidays of their dreams
  • buy their ideal home or renovate
  • pay off their mortgages
  • sell their businesses
  • take sabbaticals to create
  • hit (and exceed) their income goals
  • speak on global stages
  • spend more time with their families without sacrificing income
  • transition from 1:1 to 1:many business model
  • build a business they actually LOVE working in

You can ACCESS THE SAME TRAININGS to start building the same results for yourself for  only $990! 

All the courses, all the conferences, all the business, mindset and clinical gems you need for your next level.






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